During the application process, all of your preferences will be assessed and you will only be contacted if a place of your preferences becomes available. If none of your preferences become available, you will not be able to receive an offer. Due to the high demand of University Owned housing, we are unable to predict whether you will receive an offer and we highly recommend you should also seek alternate accommodation options if you do not receive an offer from us.

Other on-campus options:

Residential Colleges: https://sydney.edu.au/campus-life/accommodation/live-on-campus/camperdown-darlington/residential-colleges.html

Sydney University Village: https://www.mystudentvillage.com/au/sydney-university-village/

Urbanest Darlington: http://urbanest.com.au/sydney/darlington/

Other near campus options:

Iglu: http://www.iglu.com.au/locations/sydney

Scape: https://www.scape.com/en-au/student-accommodation/sydney

If you need immediate accommodation we recommend exploring off-campus accommodation, you can find information and guidance on our live off campus page. This includes advice on house hunting in the surrounding suburbs, home-stays and emergency housing. The University also has it's own Off Campus Housing Database. All current and prospective students will be able to access the database and it provides a good resource for those looking for alternatives to on-campus student accommodation. Useful information about the Off Campus Database can be found on the About and FAQs pages. Please note that the listings on the database are not affiliated with the University of Sydney and you will need to contact providers directly to determine availability.