A Resident Advisor is responsible for monitoring and supporting residents in college housing on-campus. As a resident advisor (RA), you are expected to be a role model for your peers and incoming students. The path to becoming an RA requires gaining the necessary experience and skills and submitting a strong application for the position. You should then strive to do well in the position once you become an RA.  Living for one year in student housing will allow you to get a good sense of the atmosphere of student housing and make connections with your peers. Among the perks of becoming an RA, it will boost your resume, and you will be receiving various kinds of training like First Aid, Respond with Compassion, NAAUC workshops (Skilled workshops by experienced student leaders from around Australia), etc. You will also be developing various skills in this journey like working in a team, defining needs, initiating new ideas, decision making, leadership, time management, etc.

RA Applications opens every year at the beginning of semester 1 and we notify residents via an email. You may also be required to live in student housing for at least one year to apply to be an RA. And this opportunity is only for the residents living in university-owned housing.