The Regiment Building is the newest residence in University Housing. It is currently being completed and is located on the site of the old Sydney University Regiment Building between City Road and Darlington Road. It will be opened for its first residents in February, 2019 and will house over 600 students.



The majority of rooms at The Regiment Building are single rooms of the same size and layout. The size of the room is generally about 10sqm.

Each room comes equipped with:

  • double bed
  • bedside cupboard
  • study desk with chair
  • overhead shelving
  • desk lamp
  • wardrobe
  • mini refrigerator
  • fan
  • electric heater
  • TV
  • internet access


All other utilities, including kitchen and bathrooms, are communal with residents sharing bathrooms on every level and a large kitchen on the ground floor. 

The Regiment is a self-catered facility with a large communal kitchen. 

The kitchen is equipped with:

· 20 x gas stove top

· 20 x microwaves

· 10 x large ovens

· 7 x fridge/freezers

· Individual lockers


The building also includes a variety of other facilities including a games room, technology and learning hubs, music rooms, TV room and breakout spaces.