**A surcharge amount will be charged depending on the type of card used**

Please check the link below for the surcharge amounts




Please note that the surcharge on your bond amount will be refunded at the end of your agreement along with your bond.

There are options that do not incur a surcharge. This is available for rent and other administrative fees. However, surcharge-free payment options are not available for acceptance fees.

If you are paying in Australian dollars, you can use BPay, a secure way to to pay from your cheque or savings account. General information can be found on the BPay website. You can find the BPay Biller Code and Reference Number in the Portal under Accounts and Make a Payment. Payments made using BPay will usually take 2-3 days to get to us. 

If you’re an international student, or you're overseas, you can pay your fees online through HSBC or Western Union.

HSBC is currently not available to Chinese students who are paying in their local currency.

If you choose to make a payment by Western Union or HSBC, please allow a minimum of 5-10 business days for your payment to be receipted.

HSBC payment process

HSBC’s portal will provide you with a unique bank account number at the time you make a ‘promise to pay’. This locks your payment amount in local currency.

We recommend you write this number down, as you’ll need it to pay your fees.

You have 1 week from the time you make a ‘promise to pay’ to pay your fees at the agreed exchange rate. If you make your payment after the 1 week period has expired, or if you pay more than the pre-agreed amount, the prevailing exchange rate will be applied.

You are able to make partial payments. If this applies to you, you’ll need to make all payments using the unique bank account number you received when you first made your ‘promise to pay’.

If you have any additional enquiries please contact Student Accommodation Services