The credit card surcharge for all payments of rent and accommodation fees made with Visa or MasterCard via the online credit card payment process is 1.53 percent.

There are options that do not incur a surcharge. This is available for rent and other administrative fees. However, surcharge-free payment options are not available for acceptance fees.

If you are paying in Australian dollars, you can use BPay, a secure way to to pay from your cheque or savings account. General information can be found on the BPay website. You can find the BPay Biller Code and Reference Number in the Portal under Accounts and Make a Payment. Payments made using BPay will usually take 2-3 days to get to us. 

If you are paying in foreign currency, you can use Western Union Bank Transfer, a secure method to pay from your bank account with a bank transfer. General information can be found on the Western Union website

If you have any additional enquiries please contact Student Accommodation Services