All University housing residents can make rental payments through the Student Accommodation Portal

Procedures on how to make rental payments can be accessed through: Making a payment online

Rent will be charged 2 weeks in advance every second Tuesday, and you will need to make payments on a fortnightly basis. 

It is your responsibility to check the portal and pay your rent in a timely manner. 

International Study Abroad/International Exchange students are required to pay their rent upfront before check-in.

**A surcharge amount will be charged depending on the type of card used**


Please check the link below for the surcharge amounts


Please note that the surcharge on your bond amount will be refunded at the end of your agreement along with your bond.

To avoid this surcharge, you can pay using BPay for Australian currency, Western Union or HSBC for international currency. These options take several days to process.

If your rent is unpaid for 2 weeks, a suppression will be placed on your account and you will lose access to Sydney Student.

If your rent is unpaid for 3 weeks, your contract will be terminated and you will be given 7 days to vacate your residence.

If you wish to make an upfront payment (for the semester or year), please email us at Accommodation Services; and be sure to include your full name, residence location, room number and the period (semester or year) of upfront payment you wish to make.

If you encounter any difficulties, please email us directly here at Student Accommodation Services and we will be happy to assist.