If you are an under 18 international student applying for study and the University accepts responsibility for your care arrangements you will receive a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) letter for the purpose of applying for a student visa.

How to apply for the CAAW letter

  1. Select your desired accommodation and welfare company from the University of Sydney approved list based on your own research of our approved providers.
  2. Sign a contract with your preferred welfare and accommodation providers and pay them any necessary fees.
  3. Pay the University of Sydney the minimum fee required for tuition.
  4. Your service providers will forward our Admissions Unit copies of your contracts as evidence that you have engaged their services.
  5. When Admissions receive both contracts from your providers for accommodation and welfare, and receive your minimum tuition payment, they will issue you an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) and the CAAW letter
  6. You may then apply for a student visa

If you have any further questions about this processes please contact the Admissions Team at admissions.mail@sydney.edu.au