Quotes and Invoices are only required when the items or services requested cannot be made through either an online purchase or over the phone.


A quote is an estimated price of items or services from a vendor.  Simply contact the vendor asking for a Quote for your required item or service.

It can be useful to request quotes from two or three different vendors so you can get the best price.



If you accept a quote, you will need to request an invoice that has the following items:

ü Needs to be made out to:
Campus Living Queen Mary Building Pty Ltd
or Campus Living Abercrombie Student Accommodation Pty Ltd      

ü Needs to have the supplier/vendor name

ü Needs to have the address, contact name, phone and email of the supplier/vendor

ü Needs to be a tax invoice

ü Needs to show where GST is included

ü Needs to show the Australian Business Number (ABN)

ü Needs to show their account Name, along with their bank name

ü Account and BSB numbers


Once you have received an invoice please return it to the Residential Life Manager.


Invoices can be paid via the provided debit card or if the vendor is unable to facilitate credit/debit transactions and requires payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) it can take up to 15 days to receive payment.