All residents are required to pay the following fees:

Fee Type                      Description Range
Room FeeWeekly rent amount                                                      As per Residential Agreement Acknowledgement
Acceptance FeePayable upon accepting an offer for accommodation:

Non refundable fee for:

New Residents
Returning Residents

 Administrative FeeStandard Cleaning Fee $65

Other Fees (If Applicable)

Fee Type                     DescriptionRange
Administrative FeesRequest to move feeUp to $200                                                                      

Breach of terms fee (includes contract cancellation and termination)Up to $200
 Lockout fee (key)Up to $10
 Lockout fee (card)Up to $30
 Overstay fee Up to $75 per night
 Unauthorised guest stay Up to $75 per night
 Bank dishonour fee At cost
 Late payment fee $20
 Service and Replacement FeeThis fee will be as per invoice. Examples of fees are:
  • Emergency Services call out
  • Replacement of inventory
  • Replacement of fire extinguisher
  • Replacement of key or security access card
As per invoice
As per invoice
As per invoice