We are fortunate to have an incredibly creative and diverse group of students who are free to try new things and to share their interests with their fellow residents. Some of the things they have done are listed in the examples of some past grants below: 

Current and Past Events:


Weekly Yoga

Abercrombie Book Club

Just Dance Competition

Photography Courses

Open Mic Night

#Ted Talks

New Weights Equipment

Sports Teams funding

Barista and RSA Training Course

App Development Courses

Academic Tutoring

Music Club

Cantonese & Japanese Conversation Classes

Hiking Club

Surf Camp

Rock Climbing

Go-Karting Tournament

Mid-Autumn Festival

Professional Interview Workshop

Tickets to Aladdin the Musical

Tickets to see Steve Wozniak Speaking Live

Participation in City2Surf

Archery Tag

EB Games Expo 2016

Comic-con Club

Diwali Festival

Gamers Club

Thanksgiving Feast

Zumba Classes

Paintball Trip

Postgraduate Wine and Cheese

Cooking Classes

Body Toning Classes

Harmony Day Celebrations

Sushi Festival

Telescope and Astronomy Night

Resume Rescue Sessions


Purchase of a new piano

R U Okay? BBQ