University owned accommodation and the Residential Colleges are both located on campus. The main difference is the level of support or independence you desire.

Residential Colleges are a great option for a student who is moving out of home for the first time. They offer catered meals, laundry services and a strong support network often including academic support. The Residential Colleges at the University of Sydney were among the first in Australia and are rich in heritage and tradition.

More information about the Colleges, including how to apply, can be find on their websites:

International House

Mandelbaum House

Sancta Sophia College

St Andrew's College

St John's College

St Paul's College

Wesley College

The Women's College

University run residences on the other hand provide a more independent student experience. They are self-catered and include large halls with communal kitchens, studio apartments and shared houses and apartments.

There are five of these residences on the main campus: Queen Mary Building, Abercrombie Student Accommodation, Selle House, Darlington House and the Terraces (Darlington Rd, Arundel St and Chapman Steps). You can find detailed information about each of these accommodation types by visiting the Accommodation website.

If you would like to apply for University owned accommodation please register and apply here.