• Life membership of the Alumni Association is AU$100 and is part of the fee for all new residents.
  • A yearly registration fee of AU$200 fee is charged to cover administration expenses such as agreements, postage, etc.
  • The International House Members Association charges all residents an annual fee which is AU$210 OR $105 per semester.
  • Room deposit: Students offered a place at International House are required to pay a room Deposit. The Deposit should accompany the signed Residential Agreement and the above administrative fees.

The room deposit is refunded if you are not admitted to the University (evidence of non acceptance must be provided) or if the residential agreement is cancelled six weeks prior to the commencement date of the residential agreement.

The room deposit is kept separate from all other transactions. You may not draw on it to pay your last weeks' residential fees before you leave. Upon final departure from the House, the deposit is returned to the resident, less any outstanding amounts due such as telephone, damage to room, etc.

In the event of someone who remains in the House or returns for a short period over the vacation even though they are not returning for the following academic session, the deposit will be returned after their final departure date.

Extra charges will apply for telephone, printing and laundry.